Everything is falling apart

Joy Division: Heart and Soul from Preston 28 February 1980

1. The temperatures have risen in Germany in the last couple of days. Last week we had around -10° Celsius when I left work today it was something like 7°. This weather change caused havoc in the water container for the wipers. For some reason – probably I did not put enough anti-freeze liquid inside – the water froze when there was permafrost. And the ice melted again when it got warmer. So far, so good. But unfortunately the alarm display for the wipers went on again today. There was no water left. And whenever I pour some water into the container, it never gets filled. After some deep analysis – Edgar Allen, you are still my hero – I came to the conclusion that there is a hole in the container. When I will go to the garage to change the container I am pretty sure that it will cost a fortune. Probably they have to remove the motor or something to change that bloody thing.

2. I have got an electronic body-fat balance which I use after my ergometer training to check my weight and body-fat index. Whenever I try to weigh me these days it produces error 0 which means wrong initialisation. First I thought it was the battery but it wasn’t. The balance is just a pile of high-tech junk. A totally useless gadget. Actually I never understood the value-added of the body-fat index. All that interests me is my weight in kilograms. I descended the mechanic balance from the bathroom again which may be less flashy and maybe less accurate but at least it works.

3. Finally the pulse monitor watch has packed up. It used to have difficulties to pick up my pulse in the past, I imagined it was because my pulse was too weak and/or too slow. But now the display has totally faded away. I hope it is only the battery.


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