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A succinct and apt description of Joy Divison’s music from the surprisingly active thread with the seemingly arbitrary juxtaposition of Pink Floyd vs. Joy Division (I agree that it would be more correct to confront PF against JD+NO as PF was two bands as well, with and without Syd Barrett):

… Joy Division eschew decoration. Their music is stripped down, clean, reduced to mechanical functionality, never more than it needs to be. They emphasize the materiality and physicality of their instruments, rarely pushing them outside a narrow range of effects. As a result, their music is raw yet restrained, coldly monochromatic, even sterile. More than anything else, it is coherent. It is of a piece. In this, it is, perhaps, the purest pop embodiment of modernist ideals, and it rigidly obeys the dictates of its own, spartan aesthetic. The fact that they existed for such a short time only makes their artistic thumbprint that much sharper. …

― Calling All Creeps! (contenderizer), Monday, 19 January 2009 16:35 (Yesterday)


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