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Shame on you

Januar 26, 2009

Die einzige Institution, die aus dem Holocaust nichts gelernt hat, scheint die katholische Kirche zu sein. Damals unter Hitler haben sie nichts gesagt und jetzt nehmen sie Leute wieder in ihre Herde auf, die die Judenvernichtung leugnen. Konsequent ist er ja, der Benedikt.



Januar 26, 2009

The title-page up there is a photo of the rising sun as seen from an airplane on December, 21st. We were flying to Girona. It was the flight which took off 6h40 in Hahn in the Hunsrück. We had gotten up just before four o’clock and I got flashed at 4h26 on the motorway bridge over the Rhein in Wiesbaden with an excess speed of 20 km per hour. I was lucky, only 30 euros and no „points“. Just thinking of all that, isn’t December, 21st the shortest day of the year? The photo of the sunrise was taken just after we arrived at the Mediterranean. We were sitting on the left side. I remember that there was a city at the coast. Maybe Nice? Or San Remo? It was not too far away from the Alps. I didn’t ask, I should have. When the plane arrived above the Mediterranean it turned right. I was totally mesmerised by the different shades of red and orange. I don’t remember seeing the sun rise. When we arrived in Girona it was bright day. And pretty cold too, just above zero degrees.


Januar 26, 2009

Immerhinque hat immerhinque 517 Google-Ergebnisse. Das letzte Mal als ich die Wortzusammensetzung gehört habe, muss Anfang der Achtziger gewesen sein. Bestimmt von einem Lehrer, der damals kurz vor der Pension war. Oder war es Walter’s Bruder in Tadellöser & Wolff? Verschroben, ein bisschen betulich aber doch irgendwie sympathisch. Wiederlesen macht jedenfalls Freude.

melancholy is the small brother of depression

Januar 26, 2009

Red House Painters: Mistress from „Rollercoaster“

The thread which made me relisten to this song. It’s a pretty great song with the hazy guitar and stuff. I never paid a lot attention to it as one of my all-time favourites is the song before. I wrote a little bit on the thread about all that. The discussion will continue there, hopefully.