Japancakes – What You Want (MBV cover)

A couple of years ago I would have supposed that most readers of my blog know Loveless, the album by My Bloody Valentine. But by now I am not so sure anymore as I am uncertain if the plural readers still applies. Whatever Loveless is one of the last innovative rock albums which was great at the same time. It came out in 1991. One groundbreaking album in 18 years? Yes, I think that very well describes the state of rock music. Whatever. Let’s get back to today’s song. Japancakes covered it and the whole Loveless album a while ago. And they covered it well. Stayed close to the original and changed it at the same time. Whereas in the original What You Want like the whole album sounds misty, muddy, nebulous, you name it, Japancakes‘ version is stripped down to the sweet tune. You could call it muzak if you were malicious. Japancakes are from Athens, Georgia. Like R.E.M. And their version is not only purely instrumental but it also uses a lot of pedal steel and therefore sounds a little like country. Not exactly what anybody would associate with MBV. It is like moving the album from foggy, unfriendly London to sunny, easygoing Athens in the South of the USA. And somehow it works. Like classical theatre classical music can be transposed in time and space.


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