Good vibes

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions: You Will Never Be No Good from the 2nd disc of the 20th anniversary edition of Rattlesnakes (originally from the Perfect Skin single)

Isn’t that what we all need these days? Some nice, happy tune caressing our eardrum? For some reason Lloyd Cole keeps popping up on my jukebox when it is in shuffle mode. And I have only about 30 songs by him on the player which should be just about 1 per cent of all tracks. It must have to do with the fact that micro processors are still not able to produce real random numbers. There will always be a recurring pattern in series of numbers generated by a computer algorithm. In any case due to this systematic, non-random behaviour of my mp3 player tonight I put a song by Lloyd Cole online which is already 25 years old – the Orwell year was a quarter of a century ago, there is something unbelievable – but which still sounds fresh and yummy. It is one of the songs I have to whistle to which is always a good sign. The melody is simple and straightforward, light and peppy. And the lyrics seem rather fitting these days if one imagines Lloyd is singing about the people who have led us into the crisis:

D’you know what I’d do if I could
Chop you up into firewood

That’s what I’d call positive thinking. How to turn them into something useful. It’s a cold winter in Germany, it’d make a lot of sense you know. I hope my humour has been more subtle in the past but in rough times jokes tend to be coarse too.

Cut. Lloyd Cole turned 48 on Saturday and he just released a four cd compilation called Cleaning out the Ashtrays comprising 59 b-sides & rarities. I guess you will hear some more of them here in the near future if you don’t mind.


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