An exciting day

Die Stadt Frankfurt greift im Kampf gegen die stetig wachsenden Populationen von Kaninchen und Tauben im Stadtgebiet nun zu drastischen Mitteln: Nach Informationen der Rhein-Main-Zeitung hat der Magistrat eine „Abwrackprämie“ zur Bekämpfung der Plagen beschlossen. (mehr)

In the last few months I have read several reports about internet providers working with record labels and the RIAA to cut off the service of anyone who downloads music from sites like this one. Now, there’s finally a plan that makes sense. (more)

sounds pretty great.
like Rather Ripped, but with thicker sound – which is better! (more)

Says Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, “The first time I heard it, I hated it; but the second time, my brain turned around backwards in my skull. It changed me forever; I think it changed all of us.” (more)

I’ve just heard that FIDE are considering reinstating an old rule that pawns don’t need to promote when they reach the 8th rank, but can simply remain as pawns. (more)


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