Late to the Cabaret

they sound like music played by really shitty robots, like if you’d buried an early prototype of Kraftwerk in toxic sludge, then accidentally uncovered them two hundred years later and OH SHIT THEY’RE STILL ALIVE WHAT AN UNSPEAKABLY HORRIBLE EXISTENCE (q)


I never really got into them before tonight. But right now they seem to be the greatest band of all-time. Or at least of post-punk. After having listened to them I understand even less what all the fuss about techno was about. They made techno in the early eighties. And it sounded so much better than any techno I have ever listened to. It was inventive, varied, obsessed. Besides that they were into synths, dance, dub, funk, punk, tribal rhythms, industrial, noise, goth, trash, medieval choirs almost anything that gave music a distinctive flavour in the past 30 years. Put Suicide, New Order, The Pop Group, Einstürzende Neubauten, Devo, Throbbing Gristle, Black Sabbath, Gang of Four, the Talking Heads and PIL into a mixer and the result will be something like the Cabs.


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