dada gaga kaba

There is 70 billion people over there. Where are they hiding?

This is from 1982. And I like it. It sounds like techno. But techno didn’t exist (under that name) at the time. Why in the world do I find techno so brainless? And this inspired in comparison? One reason might be that I don’t really know techno, another that techno arrived too late in my life. In 1990 I was 27, my music taste was more or less forged already. Which is actually not true. I discovered indie in form of the Pixies, the Blue Aeroplanes, My Bloody Valentine, PJ Harvey etc. And I loved all of them. I always found that techno was a stupid name. Which was actually fitting the music very well. I think namewise I would prefer a genre called no tech. Another reason why I like this song is that sentence with the 70 billion people. Either there are billions of people on other planets or the song was recorded in the future. And the future is bright as mankind will not only survive but propagate.


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