Mike Patton in noise mode

If you want to get an idea of what this is like, imagine this:

The Emergency Broadcasting Channel tonal noises, raised about 10000 octaves, to produce the most ear-splitting continous beeping, just shy of a dog-whistle. Add to that, the sounds of bus-boys who, while carrying a full load of dirty dishes, drops it all. Glasses, silverware, dishes, sauces, etc., all come crashing down. Cut and paste a few chirping bird noises and the sound of a man having his throat slit (i.e., Mike Patton) while trying to speak and gargle mouthwash at the same time. Next, imagine 500 diesel engines all trying to start at the same time, but can’t. Then, for good measure, imagine 1500 grindstones all being used at the same time to sharpen axe blades. Lastly, throughout the entirety of the above, imagine 400 jet engines running constantly, while 6000 short-wave radios are all trying to tune in different channels at the same time (constantly).

(Customer review of She by Maldoror found via Fun With Amazon Reviews)

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