Massive Attack – Heligoland

The new Massive Attack album Heligoland which is scheduled for February, has leaked. I listened to it twice, once on loudspeakers and once on earphones. The expectations were low but what I heard was more than disappointing. There was no way I could listen to the first three tracks until the end. They were very repetitive and unimaginative. I had to skip each of them after half the time. The only song on the whole album which I really dug was Girl I Love You featuring Horace Andy. Besides having a menacing bass line like many tracks on the great 100th Window it has also this hypnotic quality I love so much. In the second half there is some experimentalish dissonant brass action going on followed by some arabic undertones. A phantastic track. The other song I like is Paradise Circus but that is more because of Hope Sandoval’s sleepy, sexy voice than anything else. Damon Albarn sings on another song but he sounds so tired and down that I got depressed too when listening to it on earphones while walking through the snow covered meadows. Maybe the whole album will grow on me but somehow I doubt it.

Eine Antwort to “Massive Attack – Heligoland”

  1. been there did that Says:

    nope, you have listened to an „upscaled“ transcode of tracks in various quality (all reencoded to 320kbps and called „promo“), taken from radio and whatever different sources. „official“ leak isn’t out yet. give it a try then again.

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